What is a Fat Quarter?


A 'fat quarter' is a more cost-effective alternative to buying a regular metre of fabric.

First things first: you need to know that when you're buying fabric (you'll generally ask for a half metre, a metre, and so on), the dimension you're referring to is the LENGTH of the fabric.

You should always consider the WIDTH of the fabric when purchasing. All of our cotton prints have a width of around 110cm.  That means that if you were to order a metre of any of our fabrics, you'd receive 100cm x 110cm.

If you ordered a regular quarter metre of a fabric, you'd end up with a piece of fabric which measures 25cm x 110cm:

Of course, you'll notice that this is a a slither- it won't be very useful for any project you're embarking on.amp;

When you buy a FAT quarter, you'll get an almost-square piece of fabric which measures 50cm in length (instead of 25cm), and the width is 55cm (instead of 110cm). So you get the same length as a half metre but shorter width. 


In this sense, you pay less for a more substantial piece of fabric:


Fat quarters are better value for money and much more versatile for smaller projects! Simples!

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