Which workshop is right for me?

At Bluebird, we cater for all abilities. That means that we welcome total newbies to the world of sewing. If you'd like to learn to sew but aren't sure where to start, you'll be welcome to any of our BEGINNER classes. Here we'll spend the first hour of the workshop going over the basics of using a sewing machine. All beginner projects are finished under the supervision of your tutor.

INTERMEDIATE classes are designed for those of you who feel confident about sewing simple projects with your machine at home on your own, but want to improve your skills and work on more complicated projects including zips, pockets, quilts and dressmaking. Some, but not all intermediate classes will involve some independent 'homework.' See class details for more information on homework requirements.

ADVANCED classes are for those who have a lot of experience behind the sewing machine but are looking for an extra special (but difficult) technique to add to their string of sewing skills. In our advanced classes, we focus on teaching you a unique skill, but completing the project itself will often require some independent 'homework.'

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